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Tarruru: Ngarluma noun. 

 1) sunset

                                  2) the last evening glow above the horizon

        3) peace of mind




Tarruru is an Aboriginal owned consultancy specialising in digital cultural heritage. We work for Aboriginal communities who wish to digitally capture, manage and promote their cultural traditions.  Our work supports the maintenance of native title rights and interests of Aboriginal communities.  

We have strong links to the Pilbara and Kimberly regions of Western Australia. Our staff have over 10 years experience working in digital heritage.

We undertake cultural projects, digital heritage consultations, native title use mapping, community facilitation in ILUAs, management and delivery of innovative Indigenous digital heritage services.

Tarruru also has a partnership with NGIS to provide professional mapping, geospatial and high end digital solutions, please contact us at Winyama.



Our SErvices


Cultural Mapping

Image: Ngarluma Ngurra 2014

Cultural Mapping

TARRURU has a highly effective method for recording and displaying Indigenous elders traditional knowledge in cultural projects. Our digital mapping techniques and training increase Aboriginal participation in the digital domain and encourage Aboriginal communities the ability to manage their own cultural datasets.


Mapping Support

Image: Chris Gurney

GIS and Mapping Support

Tarruru staff have extensive experience working with a range of Traditional Owner groups on Mapping and GIS projects, from the Kimberley, the Pilbara region as well as groups in the South of Western Australia.


Digital Heritage

Image: Chris Gurney

Digital Heritage and ILUa support

Providing high quality mapping reports for Aboriginal communities in relation to Native Title negotiation and land access.

Ngarluma Ngurra

Ngarluma Ngurra Project


For inquiries email us or contact Andrew on 0408718416

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